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According to The Music Network, Nick Cave has left the Mute Record label to work with the Kobalt Music Group. This apparently occurred after the sale of Mute to Universal in 2012 and was due, in part, to the desire to have more digital presence.

Nick Cave Recipes

I designed a menu for 22nd September:

  • ‘The face of Jesus in my soup’ (pea soup) with ‘Bread and water portions’;
  • ‘Stacks’ (vegetable terrines) & ‘Sizzling wires’ (chicken skewers & tofu skewers), served with ‘Cold potatoes’ (leek, potato & olive bake) and ‘Overgrown with weeds’ (pear & walnut herb salad with blue cheese dressing);
  • Bad, black bottom kind‘ (Canadian black bottom pie) & ‘Under cherry trees’ (cherry almond tart).

Here are a few photos:

The face of Jesus in my soup

The stacks

Cold potatoes

Sizzling wires

Overgrown with weeds

Bad, black bottom kind

Under cherry trees

Kylie Minogue and Nick Cave recorded a new version of ‘Where the Wild Roses Grow’ last November. It will be released as part of Kylie’s new greatest hits album, The Abbey Road Sessions, on October 29th. Source: Herald Sun.

Lawless interviews

Here are links to some recent interesting interviews:

This is the photo from the Lawless opening from Spinner.

Tender Prey has just been named as one of the 2012 additions to the National Register of Sound, an initiative of the Australian Film and Sound Archive. Source: National Film and Sound Archive.

Nick Cave and Warren Ellis have recorded the soundtrack to A Few Hours of Spring, a French drama due for French release in September. Source: twentyfourbit.com.