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Nick Cave Recipes

I designed a menu for 22nd September:

  • ‘The face of Jesus in my soup’ (pea soup) with ‘Bread and water portions’;
  • ‘Stacks’ (vegetable terrines) & ‘Sizzling wires’ (chicken skewers & tofu skewers), served with ‘Cold potatoes’ (leek, potato & olive bake) and ‘Overgrown with weeds’ (pear & walnut herb salad with blue cheese dressing);
  • Bad, black bottom kind‘ (Canadian black bottom pie) & ‘Under cherry trees’ (cherry almond tart).

Here are a few photos:

The face of Jesus in my soup

The stacks

Cold potatoes

Sizzling wires

Overgrown with weeds

Bad, black bottom kind

Under cherry trees


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